Jungle Bay Resort is located on the beach came another sharp of Hat Chao Lao people are not known until after the wave of beach front villa is designed to match the natural ambience of the two together can. very good. Forest and the sea is the first eye-catching appeal of Visitors. Jungle Bay Resort provides an assortment of bungalows fit for two to eight people, including a tree house. The bungalows are traditionally decorated to suit the natural surroundings. The resort is in a superb location between the jungle and the bay of the Gulf of Siam. Outside your bungalow lies your private jungle sanctuary, home to native birds, exotic plants and towering trees. The fishermen's village and a angrove forest are just 10 minutes walk away, and an aquarium is only a few minutes' stroll. Step into your own space and explore an idyllic, tropical resort. Or spend your day just lazing by the pool. Features a clean room. Furnished with style. Convenient privacy. With a swimming pool that makes you feel relaxed when you stay full. In the evening you will experience the beauty secrets of the sun at the horizon from the balcony facing the sea. This is one of the most beautiful scenery. An experience that can be found here only. In addition to the elaborate design of the room then. Surrounding areas of the resort placed the flower garden with big trees, canals, small ornamental author supplied water plants. Chu bouquet to welcome the visitors.

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